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The 2017 National Consultation of the Conference of National Black Churches (CNBC) will be held in Memphis, Tennessee on December 12 – 14, 2017.  This year, our theme is “Overcoming the Burden of Bias.” This consultation will give voice to the impact of implicit bias and how bias leads to discriminatory practices in nearly every facet of our society (i.e, education, health, politics, workforce hiring practices, economic development, housing, etc). More times than not, it is people of color and people of low socio-economic standing who suffer the consequences of bias, thereby, making it more difficult to achieve racial reconciliation among the masses. 

According to Yale University psychology professor John Dovidio, PhD, attitudes, particularly racial prejudice, which serves a number of psychological and material functions, often have a basic core that is resistant to change—but people are able to incorporate new information and change their attitudes with new experiences. Therefore, it is our hope that the 2017 Consultation will facilitate an insightful, solution-based discussion between historically black denominations, in partnership with majority white denominations, that will ultimately lead to ways in which we can reduce racial bias in dramatic and unprecedented ways. 

With nationally organized institutional structures connecting countless local churches, these denominations are pipelines to millions of voices of hope and despair, victory and struggle in communities all across the country.  Our churches are also places where intergenerational dialogue about the history and future of race relations can take place most powerfully.  Bias is destructively infecting this land in explicit and implicit ways. Therefore, we must seek ways to overcome the burden of bias so that we all can live and flourish in a fair and just land.  Once again, the churches must come together for the sake of the most vulnerable among us.

CNBC is comprised of the national leaders of the eight largest historically Black denominations in America.  The organization represents more than 70% of the African American Christians across this nation.  Our mission is to serve as a unified voice of black religious bodies that seeks to improve the quality of life for African Americans and other underserved populations.  We are convinced that this national gathering will inspire local efforts, as well as cement CNBC as a permanent point of coordination in the ongoing struggle against racism.  

CNBC’s annual consultation represents the primary fundraising effort of our organization.  The funding generated through this effort will support the overall work of CNBC. We invite you to participate in this ground breaking cross-racial gathering as we come together to collectively focus on strategies for racial reconciliation.  Inside this brochure you will find information on sponsorships. We believe that your sponsorship will provide an important opportunity to spotlight the work of your organization and its commitment to healing the racial ills of our nation. 

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Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson& Jacqueline L. Burton